dementia sailsSail Boat Project are looking for people living with dementia to join our dementia sails in 2018

For our dementia sails we have partnered with Dementia Adventure, the UK champion for outdoor activity holidays for people living with dementia, to help us set up this project and train our staff and volunteers to meet the needs of people living with dementia.

We are offering subsidised places for people living with dementia and a family member, carer or friend to join us on one or three day sailing trips. Participants will need to be moderately mobile, be able to contribute to the cost of the sailing trips and live in Sussex as the trips have been subsidised by Sussex Community Foundation and Dementia Action Alliance Brighton & Hove. If you don’t live in Sussex you can book on any of our scheduled sailing activities – as long as there is a group of four of you we will provide “dementia friend” skipper and first mate. All sails are ideal for beginners as well as anyone with previous experience of sailing.

One day sailing trips in Chichester Harbour – £110 for two people

Monday 20th August (4 places available)

Tuesday 21st August (2 places available)

Wednesday 22nd August (4 places available)

Thursday 23rd August (4 places available)

Friday 24th August (Full!)

We can show you round the basics of sailing or you can just enjoy the sail and the sights. In Chichester harbour there are often lots of other boats out which can be quite a sight, and plenty of birdlife and beautiful views in this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The harbour is in sheltered water with several lovely spots to anchor for lunch.

Tdementia sailshree day sailing trips in the Solent – £330 for two people

Dates by arrangement 0930 start, 1700 end

Our three day sail has many possible destinations, anchorages, pubs and sights. Experience one of the busiest sailing grounds in the UK – the Solent. This is the name given to the stretch of water between the mainland and the Isle of Wight. We’ll be sleeping onboard and can overnight in one of the many marinas in the area (in Cowes, Portsmouth, Yarmouth, Lymington) or anchorages  like the Beaulieu River and Newtown Creek, both full of bird life and away from it all.

Each session will be led by a commercially endorsed Skipper assisted by a volunteer First Mate, both of whom have attended training about dementia delivered by Dementia Adventure. Our rates are all inclusive, covering all food onboard, hire of sailing waterproofs and visitor mooring costs.

We are particularly interested in dementia activists joining us for these initial sails who are interested in co-designing our dementia sails as an ongoing project.

What we will do for you

  • Work with you whilst booking to make sure we can tailor our services for your needs.
  • Staff our sailing trips with a commercial skipper and experienced volunteers who have been trained to work with people living with dementia.
  • Provide lifejackets, wet weather clothing and deck boots as well as snacks and tasty meals on board.
  • Meet you at the marina to take you to the boat, where we will provide a full safety briefing.

What we ask you to do

  • Bring appropriate warm clothing and medication as well as toiletries, towel, sleeping bag, bedsheet and pillow for overnight sails.
  • Bring a carer to help with your personal needs and be your shipmate.
  • Transport yourself to either Chichester harbour or Southampton water.

Click here to read Dementia Adventure’s guide to financial assistance which looks at additional ways of getting some assistance to help make your dementia adventure happen.

Cancellations – please click here to read our terms and conditions for details of our cancellation policy. We strongly recommend that cancellation insurance is taken out at the time of booking.

Our track record

While our dementia sails are a new project for us, we have several years track record of working with a range of different communities, adjusting our sail training to people’s needs. Below are some quotes from feedback received and at the bottom of this page you you can view past projects we have carried out.

“This trip is the best thing that’s happened to me for ages.”
“I discovered things about myself that I never knew. I never thought I would have an opportunity like this and I now see how I can use this trip as part of my recovery programme.”
“We all had to work together as a team, look out for each other, it was amazing! I want to help out with maintenance.”

We are grateful to Dementia Action Alliance Brighton and Hove, as well as Sussex Community Foundation, for supporting our dementia sails

dementia sails sussexcommunityfoundation




If you are interested in booking a place on one of our dementia sails, or you want to find out more, please call (+44) 07576 248 348 or fill in the form below. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Past Projects

6 days aboard for a Year 8 class. We met with them before to plan their trip which was part of their discovery project that term.

In 2015 we worked with people recovering from addictions, from the Recovery Project in Worthing. Participants gained confidence and learnt new skills on the sailing trips, using this as part of their programmes of recovery. This work helped inform our current Sailing Forward recovery sails.

A sail training bursary scheme funded by the European Social Fund.

A five day residential for people interested in learning, developing and sharing practical skills and knowledge connected with marine environments

We have worked with students and volunteer teachers from the Brighton-based Migrant English Project since 2013, taking people out on short sailing trips from Chichester harbour and Brighton marina. The trips combine relaxation, exercise and groupwork.

A 10 day residential learning skills and knowledge for essential boat maintenance for people from across the EU.

The Sea Legs sailing bursary was aimed at people who live in Sussex, are out of work or on a low income and fit within our target groups.