Budget Boat Maintenance

Date:March 2012
Location:Cobnor Activity Centre, Chichester Harbour
Target group:Eligible people from across the EU

Following the success of our 2011 Learner Workshop ‘Skills to Sea’, we received support from the Lifelong Learning Programme to offer a new Learner Workshop in 2012. This was Budget Boat Maintenance – 4 days of learning skills and knowledge for essential boat maintenance. The Workshop had daily themes, each introduced by an expert who explained basic concepts and then demonstrated practical techniques. At least half of each day involved learners’ hands-on practice.

Themes covered were:

  • Hull design, manufacture and maintenance
  • Engines and fuel systems
  • Sail care and repair
  • Electrical systems, including wind, solar and tidal generators
  • Storing and growing food on board a boat
  • Low-cost navigational equipment, do-it-yourself projects to set up budget navigational systems
  • Safety overview

Expected Outputs

Learners were supported to write an individual learning plan so they could make the most of the learning activities offered. From the Workshop we expected people to learn the basics of boat maintenance; gain increased confidence to carry out basic boat maintenance tasks; develop new skills, knowledge and experience; and to be introduced to eco-friendly boat maintenance and the marine impacts of maintaining a boat . The workshop also provided the opportunity to make contacts beyond the learner’s resident country, and improve European language skills.