Recovery Sails

Location:Brighton, Chichesteer
Target group:People in recovery from addictions
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We worked with people, all previously homeless men and women, from the Worthing Churches Homeless Projects’ residential projects in Worthing. Following two successful sailing trips in early 2015 we then Crowdfunded to cover the costs of further activities in the autumn of 2015.

These involved an initial morning explaining the proposal to clients and undertaking shore-based activities, followed by sail training sessions in Chichester Harbour, with a further follow up morning.

During the sail training sessions, clients were involved in all aspects of sailing the vessel, including handling lines, hoisting & setting sails, steering the boat under engine and while sailing, anchoring and mooring. Alongside learning new skills, sail training is recognised as an intervention which benefits participants by fostering teamwork, communication skills, developing self-confidence & self-esteem and overcoming barriers.

Qualitative evaluation as part of the follow-up session included clients self-reporting a range of beneficial effects including:

  • Learning new skills
  • Teamwork
  • Forgetting about everyday problems
  • Tiredness and better sleeping patterns

The recovery from addictions can be a long and lonely one as you struggle to deal with learning to live your life differently. Those who have been homeless have often lost all hope for the future. These trips helped vulnerable men and women have a new experience that would otherwise be out of their reach, in a structured approach that made the most of the opportunities that can be gained. Our team of skippers worked closely with staff from Worthing Churches Homeless Projects and this is now a relationship we will be working to continue.

Participants with their RYA Sailability Logbooks and Certificates of Achievement: