Thinking about which lines to slip

1 day

Assumed knowledge: Day Skipper level and above

We are all familiar with the difficulties that can be faced before we’ve even started – how to get off the pontoon when the wind is gusting and the boat next door has sharpened davits ready to catch us! Or at the end of a great day’s sailing the anxiety that can accompany getting back onto the pontoon, especially if it is in an unfamiliar marina. This one day session will be all about techniques to make it all go a lot smoother.

* How to communicate clearly with your crew.

* How to abandon your plan and start again if conditions change or are not as expected, while remaining in control of your vessel.

* How to come to a safe stop alongside the pontoon if you have few or no crew to help you, including how to secure yourself alongside without having to even get off the boat.

* How to use ropes and lines effectively.

This session will be about improving your judgement and above all getting plenty of practice with helpful guidance all the way. There will be plenty of opportunity to work through situations you have faced and would rather avoid in the future!

Please contact us if you are interested in this course.

Our Boats

Jalapeno is a Dutch built Standfast, a solid roomy boat that handles the sea well. We can take bookings for up to 10 people on Jalapeno and there is room for everyone to eat and plan together around the central saloon table. There is an unusually large amount of flat deck, a great spot for a picnic at anchor!

Our RYA courses and sailing trips from Chichester marina are run on Jalapeno.

Facilities include heads (toilet/washroom), galley with gas oven and heating.

Cascadeur is a French built Jeanneau. She has up to ten berths in four cabins, with room for everyone to sit and eat round the circular table in the main cabin, or use the cockpit table to eat or work together outside. We can take bookings for up to 10 people on Cascadeur.

Our RYA courses and sailing trips from Southampton are run on Cascadeur.

Facilities include two heads (toilet/washroom), gas cooker with oven, heating.

Karic is a British built Westerly Renown ketch - a ketch means there are two masts, so three sets of sails for people to learn how to use. She has berths for six people to sleep in three cabins, with room for everyone to sit and eat round the table in the main cabin. Designed for family cruising, Karic is a safe, sturdy boat. There is a centre cockpit with room for a crew of six to sit in comfort.

Facilities include a roomy heads (toilet/washroom) and meths 2 hob cooker